How to acquire your first 1M users — LINE’s Asia success story

Last week, a web/app service startup team made an appointment with me and looked for my advises to the problems they encountered recently. After hearing the startup ideas and discussing about improvements in several perspectives, one quesiton came up:
To acquire inital users, we’d like to purchase Facebook advertisements or execute marketing campaigns like lottery. We need money to do that. Could you introduce us investors?



數位轉型 — 從增加董事會數位能力做起

第一篇文章從歐洲觀點出發,文中提到英國上市公司的非執行董事平均年齡上升到 60.3 歲,而法國、義大利、荷蘭與挪威的董事則相對於英國年輕,點出對英國大企業因應如網路安全等科技變化與能力的憂心。第二篇文章提出台灣各階層都「老了」,明確對比具活力的中國、香港與東南亞,點出台灣企業與環境在傳承與轉型上的落後。